OPOVE M3 Pro Max massage gun is a go-to self-myofascial recovery tool. It is easy to use and good to relieve muscle pain and soreness for athletes and workout in the gym

5 Best Deep Tissue Massage Gun To Try This Year

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OPOVE M3 Pro Max massage gun is a go-to self-myofascial recovery tool. It is easy to use and good to relieve muscle pain and soreness for athletes and workout in the gym
OPOVE M3 Pro Max Massage Gun

Do you want a super-relaxing massage? One that would suck out all the fatigue and soreness from your muscles? A deep tissue massage gun is everything your body needs after a long, tiring day. The good news is: you no longer need someone to give your body the special treatment it deserves! A deep tissue massage gun will happily do it for you!

There’s a lot of buzz going around massage guns lately. And for good reasons. A deep tissue massage gun is a handy recovery tool. Not only do they relieve muscle stiffness, but they also increase movement. What’s more, they boost blood circulation, thereby speeding up the muscle recovery process. Unlike a manual massage, it works deep into the muscle tissues. Consequently, the tissues relax and heal.

5 Best Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Several massage guns are available in the market. However, not all of them are worth buying. But some of them are really effective as well as worth the price. We’ve picked out 5 best deep tissue massage gun for you:

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1. Tokfit

$199 at Tokfit

Are you fed up with post-exercise muscle soreness? Worry no more! TokFit massage gun allows you to exercise with total freedom and joy. Its specialized machinery not only recovers muscle but also boosts exercise performance. What’s more, you can choose the massage intensity as per your preference! It provides as much as 3200 percussions per minute! Isn’t that intense?! Also, it features a noise-less motor so you can have a quiet, soothing massage experience. Charge it for 2 hours and have a smooth battery runtime of up to 8 hours! 

2. Theragun 

$599 at Amazon

It’s indeed a massage pro! Theragun’s latest fourth-generation massage gun is gaining a lot of hype. From customized speed settings to exceptional battery life, it’s simply the best. Also, it allows you to choose exactly the no. of percussions you want to have per minute. Therefore, every user can have a customized and convenient experience. Additionally, it features a powerful double battery, which is absolutely worth the price. That’s not all. Its no-stall, 60 lbs force digs deep into the muscles. As a result, relaxing every inch of them. 

3. Opove

$169 at Opove

To clarify, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this super light and ergonomic massage gun. Opove is exactly what a good massage gun should be! From post-exercise recovery to increased muscle movement, it’s good for everything. Not to mention, it also comes with 5 different massage heads, you can select the kind of feel you want. Furthermore, its quiet glide technology and adjustable intensity make it suitable for people of all ages. 

4. Addsfit

$190 at Addfits

Super reasonable and effective, this is an Addsfit massage gun for you! It’s the ultimate solution to musculoskeletal pains. Also, it’s an absolute performance booster! Addsfit comes with a quiet motor and a removable battery. Unlike other massage guns, it offers a whopping 3-year warranty. 

5. Hypervolt

$299 at Amazon

This is exactly what you need for those pesky muscle pains. In fact, this quiet, handy massage gun offers three different speed settings and 4 interchangeable massage heads. Also, its battery lasts up to a good 3 hours. This exceptional massage gun works according to your target areas, thereby giving an absolutely relaxing massage therapy.

Final Word 

These 5 massage guns are undoubtedly the best you can find. Invest in them, and your muscles will thank you forever! 

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