Owala water bottle has stones, both an underlying straw and a wide-mouth opening that can quench your thirst in either way. Do not miss out on this good sensation.

If You Haven’t Tried The Owala Water Bottle Yet, Then You Must Get It Now

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Owala water bottle has stones, both an underlying straw and a wide-mouth opening that can quench your thirst in either way. Do not miss out on this good sensation.
different color of Owala bottle

Here, I will introduce you to a quality water bottle with the finest three-layered insulating property, a water bottle that can gulp and drink from a straw.

Our body needs four liters of water to stay hydrated all day. Hence, water bottles have become a necessity. But most of them out there do not give an overall good result that we hoped for. The one handy, durable, insulating, and comes with many other pros is undeniably difficult to find.

If you are a cold water lover, this is definitely designed, especially as per your requirements. This straw or swig idea is an all-new revolution in the water bottle department.

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Presenting a water bottle that stones both an underlying straw AND a wide-mouth opening. It gives every sip a fun and comfortable decision to make.

Hold your bottle upright to taste through the underlying straw. Or then again, when you’re feeling extra dry, tip it up and chug through the wide-mouth opening: taste or drink. The decision is yours.

The first little opening permits you to suck up the water without inclining or to tilt it (or gnawing it as other water bottles do). The second greater opening considers a greater taste that you need to tilt the water bottle for.

From the start, I thought it was unusual. However, at that point, I understood I could get ice through that gap to eat (I love eating ice). Furthermore, when you are in a rush, you can put water through that gap without taking the top off.

Howaa! I couldn’t ask for more.

That flip

It is a thrill each time you open your water bottle. A straightforward descending push on the circle flips out a straw, wowing close by on-lookers consistently. With an action of flip by simply pressing the button, you get all access to your water.

Additionally, it stays cleaner since you’re not using your hands each time you open it.

That twist

 At times you need an overall, strong water bottle. That’s it, not much; something that turns on and off.


  1. Well insulated
  2. Minimal germ transfer, thanks to the unique lid design
  3. Easy to hold (Handy)
  4. Great spout design
  5. Doesn’t sweat on outside
  6. Durable
  7. Lid lock feature to avoid accidental opening.
  8. Great design with an unobtrusive logo
  9. A perfect option for people of all ages
  10. Easy to clean

I’ve been looking for a water bottle that had all of these features, and this one is above and beyond, seriously!

The cleaning part

The breadth of the bottle itself is the greatest I’ve seen, so it’s too super easy to clean. You can get your entire hand in there with your wipe. The mouthpiece is my preferred part, every last bit of it is very simple to clean and the gap is large enough for you to top off from the refrigerator filter without removing the top (such a pleasant comfort).

Isn’t it perfect! I mean what more can you expect from a water bottle?

Personally, I have become a huge fan of this design and have secretly named it a SUPER BOTTLE!

Owala bottle has many fantastic features. it is well insulated, easy to hold, excellent spout design, durable, and many more. If you were switching the Owala water bottle, it would change your life.

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